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Welcome to Lost Tourist Brewing! Home of Albert's Ale & other finely crafted ales.

We are located in Meriden, Conn. Nicknamed the Silver City, Meriden was once home to the large International Silver Company & the old Meriden Brewing company founded in 1887! Meriden is now known for Hubbard Park with Castle Craig a notable landmark.

Here at Lost Tourist, we are a small micro brewery with a focus on hand crafting the best beer possible! We are proud to create unique ales & lagers using the 3 ingredients contained in Reinheitsgebot the German Purity Law of 1516, water, barley, & hops. We are happy to be part of the growing craft beer landscape, as well as the rich history of manufacturing in Meriden since our founding in 2015.

Where to get our beer

Coming soon a couple of establishments that will carry our beer!

We plan on self distributing to the local area, if you are interested in carrying Lost Tourist Beer contact us.